"Qaddafi Dead! Chalk One Up For The Good Guys!"

Chalk another one up for the good guys!  Infamous Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi has joined the list of used to be’s and once were’s! The side of Right is on a roll!  Under Barack’s watch we’ve gotten Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden earlier this year as well as 12 of the top 16 Al Qaeda leaders and now we can add got Qaddafi to that list! His death has vindicated Barack’s decision to intervene quietly in Libya. His back seat approach and reliance on NATO was attacked by those who believed we should be more directly involved, but a massive showdown in Libya would have been exactly the kind of grandstand affair Qaddafi was looking for. It seems Barack’s way worked out quite well.

Yep the good guys rock! Kudos to the British and French forces who stood their ground in Qaddafi’s home town of Surt, forcing him to flee yesterday. His convoy had traveled less than two miles when it was attacked by a French warplane and an American Predator Drone, stopping the convoy and forcing Qaddafi and his troops to scatter. Anti-Qaddafi fighters raced to the scene and gave pursuit. After a short gun battle Gaddafi was found wounded and hiding in a drainage pipe that ran under the highway. If you’ve seen the YouTube videos it’s apparent that Gaddafi was captured alive. He can be seen bleeding, surrounded by a crowd of jeering freedom fighters, pleading with his captors for mercy. A few minutes later his seemingly lifeless body is seen being placed in an ambulance.

The official story being offered by Libya’s new leaders is that Qaddafi was killed in a cross fire, but that’s completely contrary to what can be seen in the videos. Some are saying he resisted and was shot, others say he bled to death from his earlier wounds. Later photos  clearly show two bullet holes in his head, shots that appear to have been administered at very close range. So who shot him? Was he executed by anti-Qaddafi fighters? Was he killed by his own men so as to prevent him from being questioned, ridiculed or tortured? Chances are we will never know for sure.

So as Libyans celebrate the death of of the hated Colonel Qaddafi, others across the Mideast join them and see his death as a historic moment in time “an end to tyranny and dictatorship.” Others see it as just another step in the fight for freedom and wonder when the tyrants in Yemen and Syria will meet a similar fate. Who know’s, they may not be waiting long. Both dictators may well be on a short list of potential hits. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

And what about America? What is our government saying about Qaddafi’s death? Acknowledging that the Qaddafi regime has indeed come to an end  President Obama said, “The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted, and with this enormous promise the Libyan people now have a great responsibility to build an inclusive and tolerant and democratic Libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to Qaddafi’s dictatorship.”

For over forty years Qaddafi ruled Libya with an iron fist. His vision for Libya was warped and his brutality was abnormal. He was a tyrant, the embodiment of evil.  He was a madman,  deranged and sometimes moved to impose his craziness upon his country like the time he ordered that every storefront door in the nation be painted green! Yes he was quite eccentric. When ever he traveled he surrounded himself with 40 strong and well trained female bodyguards who he insisted had to be virgins! He called them his Amazons! Where were they yesterday when he really needed them? And what about the way he chose to dress, from military madness to Liberace flamboyancy!  And always, always the flashy sunglasses! The guy was a showman! I always thought of him as a clown, a real Bozo! Yeah he was one crazy bastard!

In spite of his gross failings as a leader and mental afflictions, I would have preferred to have seen him stand trial for his crimes. A quick death was too good for him. He deserved worse! Alive, he could have seen his countries rebirth as a free and democratic nation. Alive he could have been made to atone for his many, many sins against humanity. Dead he’s just dead.

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