Quest for $uccess Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe man, in his infinite folly, has lost sight of his true purpose for living? Doesn’t it seem to you like many of us, in our quest to be the best have been consumed  with some crazy, mad-dash, winner take all attitude, in which becoming king of the hill is all that really matters? Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it seem like some people view each day as a contest, using and sometimes abusing those around them, friend and foe alike, for personal gain, then casting them aside like so much garbage, because all’s fair in the quest for success.

Like some crippling disease this competitive cancer has spread throughout society, taking its toll, filling men’s minds with illusions of grandeur, tempting and taunting us with fantastic promises, stirring up deliciously wicked sensations that saturate our minds and inciting  us to sometimes assume cold, heartless identities that will sustain us in the fierce competition to be the best. Inevitably, we become compassionless cripples, unable to appreciate the subtle beauty of the life experience and the significance of that which we encounter, unable to see the value of life’s “simple things.”

Blinded by ambition we forget about the essential self and are motivated by the greed and envy that fills our hearts. No longer do we measure a man’s  true worth by his moral, compassionate qualities or humanistic attributes, but by the cut of his clothes, his car, and the size of his home and bank account. Sadly we associate being truly successful with materialistic gain. The man who amasses the most is undoubtedly the best.

Funny, but  we seem to have passed from the “peace, love and togetherness” era of the sixties and seventies,  to the “me, myself and I” madness of the nineties and the new millennium . Success and the status it brings has become the grand illusion of the age!  Truly it is a sad state of affairs when highly creative and sensitive individuals like ourselves are compelled to sacrifice our individuality , and forsake the very talent that sets us apart from one another, in a virtual “sea of sameness,” in a futile attempt at becoming part of a social phenomenon we aren’t entirely comfortable with and only half-heartedly believe in.

It’s a dog eat dog  world out there folks, and competition is king. It’s everywhere. We seem to be in a constant state of competition. In sports, players compete for multi-million dollar contracts (and get them!) television networks compete for viewers, while their sponsors and advertisers compete for our dollars. Religious organizations compete for our support and our dollars, companies compete for our dollars, and we compete with our fellow workers for raises and promotions, more dollars. Everyone wants to outdo someone! All in quest of the almighty dollar! Because we al know success is really spelled $-U-C-C-E-$-$

Unfortunately, for every success there is a failure, and there are those who really enjoy seeing others fail.

to be continued…

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