Rainy Day Birthday Wishes: Happy Birthday Pop's

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…   The Cascades

rainy-day-quotes-with-images-for-I-PadLying in bed this morning listening to the rhythm of the rain coming down outside. It’s been raining steadily for some time now and supposed to continue for most of the day. I love the sound of the rain especially if I’m fortunate enough to be at home as I am today. I dread being out on the road in the rain, because as most of us know many Californians don’t know how to drive on the rain slick highways especially in rush hour traffic. Retirement has freed me from those rainy day predicaments. So here I am wrapped in my blankets listening to the rhythm of the falling rain all nice and cozy. I love it. It fills my head with memories both good and bad, and reminds me of just how far I’ve come.

This morning I’m thinking about the events of the last twelve months, running through dave_2them in my head. It was a very tough year. In late June I lost my cousin Dave to some Parkinson’s related illness. We were tight and hung together since we were little kids. We grew up together and experienced many firsts together. When I got married he was my best man and I was his. He was my best friend. I really miss him. That same month my pops pain began to worsen and he was hospitalized for three days. When he was released he was put on home hospice care. Five months later he was gone. Yeah it was a bad year. There was just too much to deal with. I can only hope the new year will be better.

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Lying here listening to the rhythm of the falling rain lost in thoughts about my pops, missing him. Today would have been his 92nd birthday. Happy birthday pops! Hope you’re having a grand celebration in Heaven! Love you.



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