TBT Recollections of a High School Counselor: Cover Your Butt


dress-codeAfter 16 years as a high school counselor I’ve come to the conclusion that many parents don’t have a clue as to what their students are wearing to school each day. Some students wear every type of inappropriate clothing from spaghetti strap tops with plunging necklines, bare mid drifts, to short skirts and short shorts that would embarrass even Daisy Duke! Yes even in cool weather. I tell you it’s ridiculous!  It sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term”cover your butt.”  I’d never in a million years allow my daughter go to school dressed like some of the young girls on campus, which begs the question “where are their parents?” Where indeed! How can they allow their daughters to go to school looking like little vamps? What the hell is wrong with them? Don’t they see their kids in the morning before they leave? From the looks of things I guess not.

Now I’m not saying these girls have to dress like prudes or anything like that, but a little modesty goes a long way. Parents who purchase or allow their daughters to buy clothes that don’t cover enough and show off too much are simply asking for trouble and being checked out by high school boys is the least of their problems, it’s only the beginning.  These young girls don’t need to  go the provocative route. They can dress more appropriately and modestly and still look cute and attractive without putting on a show.

It’s becoming apparent to me that many parents are doing less and less parenting. Half the parents are so busy taking care of their own business that don’t seem to care what their daughters are up to and the other half simply have no idea.  Many of these girls are very creative, they leave home dressed one way and arrive at school dressed completely differently. Sometimes mom’s dress just as slutty so what else can you expect from the kids. Then there’s the media and all the wholesale glamour and sexiness they broadcast every day. These girls are only emulating what they see. They are trying to be what they think boys want.

So if parents are not doing the job or simply don’t care, then the next line of defensive should be the schools right? I  would think so. It wasn’t that long ago that we had a dress code at our school that was actually enforced. We still have the dress code but it’s easier for administration to look the other way when it comes to dress code issues than to deal with them. It seems that they’ve decided that as long as students are behaving and test performance is up, why sweat the small stuff.  Even teachers have become much more lax in regards to dress code issues. They have grown frustrated and tired of sending students up for dress code violations and having absolutely nothing done about it. Now don’t get me wrong some dress violations are dealt with but for every one that is dealt with there are probably ten that aren’t.

School is not a fashion show, it is not a night club, pool side party or a Saturday night out on the town, yet that’s the way it appears sometimes.  It really isn’t a good thing and the lack of enforcement and administration of consequences has a bad effect on the morale of the staff. When asked about the lax attitude in regards to the dress code one administrator remarked, ” the situation isn’t really that bad, besides we have to choose our battles.” Apparently the increase in the amount of skin being flashed around campus, the bare mid drifts, short skirts, short shorts and an over abundance of cleavage, is not a battle worth fighting.  There are those who would disagree. Makes me think that uniforms like the ones we used to wear at St. Frances of Rome wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Just a thought…



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