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Work-Retire-SignWell this whole retirement thing is about to become a reality. Although I officially began my retirement on June 8th, it hasn’t really felt much different than the 26 summers that have gone before. It feels like just another summer break, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Like summers past I’ve got my  projects going as always, in fact this has been a very productive summer. So far I’ve built a treehouse for the grandkids, repaired and painted the gazebo, cleaned out and reorganize my tool room, restructured our built-in entertainment center to accommodate not a larger TV but a more current HD model, removed the lawn and a ton of dirt from in front of the gazebo to expand the patio area and cleared out the side yard in preparation for a much needed concrete slab. I’ve got reservations about this last project. I really hate to spend time and money on this unused part of the yard that no one ever sees, it’s like a yard dead zone where all our old junk goes to hide and eventually die. A slab will really clean up the area, help keep the dust down and offer the grandkids a nice play zone. It’s really not large enough to do much else with, but is it worth the money to get it done? The juries still out on that one.

It’s really has been a busy eight weeks or has it been nine? Hell, I’m not really sure, with all these freakin’ projects going on I’ve sorta lost track of time. What I do know however is that tomorrow Monday, August 12 is day one of the 2013/14 school year, the day that Azusa H S counselor’s return to work. Had I not chosen to retire it would be my first day back on the job. I gotta tell you it really feels kinda strange knowing I will not be heading off to work in the morning. Yep, Monday will be the day that this retirement thing will finally hit home. My first real day of retirement.

I wonder if I’ll wake up at my normal workday time tomorrow ready to jump up and begin a new school year? Or will I simply sleep in and not think a thing about it?  Hmmm? More than likely I’ll wake up early as I’ve been programmed to do after all these years with the school district. In fact I’m sure of it. It will probably take a few days to reprogram but I’m sure I’ll manage. I remember it took my wife about a week or so to get used to the retirement. I’ll be alright.

Oh there are things about work that I’m going to miss, particularly the people I worked with and the interaction with students, that will be tough, but I definitely won’t miss the politics, paperwork or other office related BS. It’s gonna be strange for awhile but I have a good feeling this retirement thing will sort of grow on me. Besides there’s plenty around here to keep me busy. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to not having to get up and go to work everyday. It’ll be challenging, but I’ll muscle through it. You can bet I will. Life rolls on…

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