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Went to see Moody Blues at the Nokia Theater last weekend with my friend Bob and our wives. We’ve had the tickets for months and have really been looking forward to the concert. Last year we got nostalgic and went to see Donovan and were pleasantly surprised. We also got the nostagia bug back in 86 and went to see Dylan who was being backed by Tom Petty. On his previous tour Dylan had been changing up his music quite a bit so much so that fans were complaining that they didn’t recognize the songs. We decided to go see him anyway because we truly were/are Dylan fans but really weren’t expecting much. We figured if Dylan sucked it would still be worth it to see Petty. Fortunately for us Dylan returned to his more traditional style and had a set list that was everything we really wanted to hear and more! We were totally blown away! We had hopes that Moody Blues would surprise us as well.

Justin Haward, Graeme Edge & John Lodge

The last time I saw the Moody’s was at the fabulous Forum in September of 1971. God, it doesn’t seem like that long ago, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 40 years. I was only 20 then and probably pleasantly buzzed, but I remember that concert well. The Moody’s were incredible! It ranks as one of the best concerts I attended back in the day.

Well, Sunday night the Moody Blues rocked the house! Even though only three of the original members took the stage, they sounded awesome! The musicians filling in for the retired members are topnotch. I closed my eye and the Moody’s sounded every bit as good as they did back in 71. It was like taking a trip back in time. Well almost.

There was one major difference The three original Moody’s as well as the fans were much more mature than the Forum crowd back in 71. That night so long ago the Forum rocked with youthful vigor and high energy. And I do mean high! The air was rife with smoke, marijuana smoke, a greyish haze floated lazily above the audience. Even those who didn’t get stoned were probably on a contact high that night from just breathing in there. You know, the dangers of second hand smoke. This time around the air was smoke free and breathable. The only thing I thought I may have smelled was the faint aroma of muscle rub or ointment when I walked through the crowded lobby on the way out.

No, this was a much different crowd. I guess the best way to describe it would be OLD! Back in 71 there probably wasn’t anyone much older than 35 or so in attendance and only a few of them. Sunday night there were few people under the age of 40! If I had to guess I’d say the average age was somewhere around 55, no maybe 58. Hell, the 3 Moody’s were 64, 65 and 70! And the 70 year old, Graeme Edge was the drummer! They had another drummer as well. I guess he was there to pick up any beats that Graeme missed.( and just in case he got tired or passed out)

Yes, it was definitely a night of ‘old time rock & roll,’custom made for the senior set. It was quite intriguing to witness the effect of gravitational pull on so many faces. I’m not accustom to seeing that many falling faces, my own included, gathered together in one place. I haven’t seen that many bald heads or graying scalps, wrinkles, double and triple chins, jowls, or crows feet, since the last time I went to bingo! I’m surprised Ticketmaster didn’t offer the AARP senior discount!

Despite the age of the spectators, there was still a lot of energy to be found. This was the Moody Blues ! The incredible musicians who gave us such incredible albums, Days of Future Passed, On the Threshold of a Dream, In Search of the Lost Chord, A Question of Balance and more! Music that influenced and shaped our hopes and dreams, music that touched our lives. Sunday night we had a chance to revisit the days of our youth. The music recharged and energized us! Reminded us of all that was good about our past.

Yes, for one magical evening we had the opportunity to go back in time and relive those moments through song. Their set list included such memorable hits as Tuesday Afternoon, Nights in White Satin, Questions, Isn’t life Strange, Are You Sitting Comfortably, The Story in Your Eyes, I’m Just a Singer(in a Rock & Roll Band) and many other songs that had meaning to us. It was truly a nostalgic event, one I’m very grateful to have been a part of. Thanks for getting the tickets Bob! It was awesome!


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