"Romney Speak: Did I Say That? What I Really Meant Was…"

Quote of the Day: “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”                               Mitt Romney 

Romney Speak: Did I Say That? What I Meant Was…

After reading the above quote you probably find yourself scratching your head and wondering “what the hell did he say?”Many of the things Mitt Romney has said to date  exemplify the resplendent oratory skills of the presidential hopeful. As you can see he most certainly adheres to the three C’s of public speaking, he’s clear, concise and consistent. Not! What an airhead!  Half of what he says sounds like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit! The guy is downright hilarious!

Mitt Romney simple doesn’t think before he speaks. If he wants to have half a chance he has to learn to bite his frickin’ tongue! But with as often as he’d have to bite it he’d probably contract tongue cancer or bite it off altogether!  On a recent ABC’s “Good Morning America” broadcast our man Mitt was asked if $100,000 is middle income?” Mitt replied “No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.”  Huh? How much less Mitt? Most economist define the middle class income range as $40,000 to $ 99,ooo. Above $100,000 is considered upper middle class. So where in the hell did Mitt get his facts and figures from? One has to wonder. 

Then there was the incredulous, ‘off the cuff’ answer Romney gave when asked by Fox News about his failure to mention our troops in his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention. His response raises more questions than it answers.“When you give a speech you don’t go through a laundry list, you talk about the things that you think are important.” I guess our troops didn’t make the cut on what Mitt considers to be of importance. I mean our troops are only giving their lives in defense of our country, yeah I can see how Mitt might think that’s not important. What an ass!

Now this one is classic. When speaking about Obama’s plan to help the American people Romney had this little gem to say “He (Obama) says we need need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.” Funny guy, cutting back government will help the American people? How? I don’t believe Mitt has a clue as to what the American people need right now or what is needed to secure the future of our great country.

Yeah, the Mitt has put his foot in his mouth  time and time again and the way it looks he’ll continue to do so. The man is arrogant and truly believes he is ‘the great white hope.’ Sadly his blundering statements say otherwise. Here are a few more examples of Mitt’s vast knowledge and oratory skills. Please remember, this is from the wanna be president.

On Obama: “We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.” What the hell does that mean? Mitt has not one but two degrees from Harvard, so what’s the dealeo with Harvard? I don’t get it, do you?

On getting paid for his numerous speaking engagements: “I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.”  Huh? Not very much! But then I guess when you’re as rich as he is the $374,000 in speaking fees he earned last year really didn’t seem like much.  Right!

On the war against terrorism and the hunt for Osama bin Laden: “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth, spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” Are you kidding me? Not worth it to bring down the man responsible for the 9/11 tragedy. The worst act of terrorism ever in our country! Get a clue Mitt.

Speaking to a group of unemployed citizens in Florida. “I should tell my story. I’m also unemployed.”  Yeah right, unemployed and worth over $200 million. That probably sat well with those voters.

When asked about how he would deal with the country’s poor. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there.”  What the hell? Well then who is he concerned about? His wealthy friends and corporate America? Doesn’t he realize the middle is shrinking and the poor are on the rise! What a sap!

Lastly, one of my favorites . It happened last month before a large crowd of supporter as he introduced  his running mate, but instead of saying vice president he said intead, “Join me in welcoming the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan.”  Poor Mitt what was he thinking. But the way I see it, with a little more experience Ryan would have made a much better candidate than the Mitt.

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