"So Called Judges" Decide Fate of Trump's Muslim Ban

America is anxiously awaiting the ruling of the 9th District Court of appeals on Trump’s recent Travel Ban. The ban which blocks refugees from entering the US for 120 days and travel from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days. Immigrants from Syria are barred indefinitely. Trump has said that government intelligence agencies needs the time to improve procedures, and implement “extreme vetting” for travelers from the 7 Muslim countries.

Many officials believe that the procedures we have in place are working quite well and we already employ extreme vetting. But the Donald doesn’t think so and wants stronger measures, his measures. According to Trump until his ban is reinstated we are all at risk and if a terrorist attack occurs he said, we can blame the “so called judges” who blocked his ban for any attacks. I’m not sure why but I’m reminded of Animal House and how Dean Wormer wasn’t satisfied with placing the frat house on “probation.” Probation wasn’t adequate  enough so he came up with “Double Secret Probation” Maybe that’s what Trump wants here, “Double Secret Extreme Vetting.”

Both sides presented their oral arguments late Tuesday and a decision is expected as soon as today. Trump has Twittered his feelings on the matter Will the Appeals Court find in Trumps favor and lift the hold on his Executive Order? Will the travel ban be reinstated?  Will America be safer for it, or will the Courts prevail?  Stay tuned, we should know soon. It’s a sure bet that if the Department of Justice loses, their next stop is the Supreme Court. You can count on it.

Trump defends Travel Ban and demonstrate Islamic one finger salute

So far the blocked Muslim Ban is the only major obstacle Trump has encountered in the opening weeks of his presidency. Oh he’s caused some ripples with his tweets and off the cuff remarks, and you can be sure his press front man Sean Spicer will manage to dig a  deeper hole. But it won’t matter. Trump’s remarks, Kelly Anne’s alternate facts and their own version of fake news won’t stop the Trump Machine, it just keeps rolling along. Yes the Donald keeps on getting his way. He even got to fire Attorney General Sally Yates for of all things, doing her job!  Of course confirmation of his cabinet is taking longer than he would like, Democratic use of stall tactics only prolong the inevitable. The GOP is in power. They control the vote. It only a matter of time until his entire cabinet is confirmed.

Look at today’s confirmation of  Charter School advocate Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. She’s another member of the billionaire club and an extremely generous GOP donor. Betsy doesn’t have a clue, she doesn’t have the experience and is highly unqualified to be the Secretary of Education. Did you watch any of the Senate Confirmation Hearings? She seemed like a nice enough woman but time and again her remarks proved she wasn’t the right person for the job, yet she was confirmed. It was obvious that all the Democrats would vote to block her, but only two Republicans saw through the smoke and mirrors and had the balls to cross party lines and vote against her appointment. Both were women. One more Republican NO vote and Betsy would have been blocked. The Fools on the Hill have done it again, They choose to vote along party lines and completely ignored Betsy’s shortcomings. They choice loyalty over what is best for all the students in America. Cabinet positions are not the place for on the job training.

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