"Sorry Charlie!"

So what’s the dealio with Charlie Sheen  these days anyway? Everywhere you look it’s Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!  Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet, hell the media can’t get enough of the self proclaimed “Messiah of Malibu.” He’s the burnt toast of the town!                                                            It seems like all you have to do these days to draw the medias attention is to act like an ass and Lord knows Charlie’s good at that, only in his case he’s not acting: He is an ass!

Actually I don’t think Charlie’s crazy ass has done any real acting in years, I mean what has he starred in in the last decade? Yeah there was “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps,” “Scary Movie 3 & 4” and a couple of other minor movies, but the 2000’s have been all about TV’s “Two and a Half Men” a show where he basically plays himself, an unmarried, sarcastic, hedonistic, womanizing drunk.

Now don’t get me wrong I actually like Charlie, even though lately he’s reminded me of another crazy Charlie(Manson!) I really thought he was great “Platoon,” “Wall Street”and “Eight Men Out.” And I liked him in “Young Guns,” “Major League” and the sci fi thriller “The Arrival.” He was tolerable in “Hot Shots,” but sucked as Aramis in “The Three Musketeers.” And let’s not forget the box office bomb “The Chase” what a waste of celluloid!

No, without a doubt Charlie’s shining star, his vehicle to fame was”Two and a Half Men.” The number one comedy hit of the decade! He’ll always be remembered for his role as Charlie Harper, good old Uncle Charlie.  I talk about the show in the past tense because as we all know Charlie was fired from the show earlier this week. Good old Uncle Charlie couldn’t leave well enough alone and just sit back quietly rehabilitating. Oh no, that would have made too much sense. Instead he’s gone on a massive, mad, media assault on everyone associated with the show.  It hasn’t been pretty. most of the time he comes across as a certifiable lunatic. He does have a moment of lucidity now and then, but those moments are lost in an avalanche of bull shit.  He ought to take something to control his diarrhea of the mouth. But I’m sure he won’t, he’s having too much fun being the center of attention. I guess he’s one of those celebs who believe that even bad press is good publicity. His Father must be proud…  NOT!!

Well Charlie, I hope you know what your doing, Lord knows no one else does. You’re self destructive lifestyle and history of alcohol and drug abuse has finally come back to haunt you. You’ve managed to get yourself fired from the one show that made you a star and filled your pockets with gold, the one that allowed you to live your outrageous “rock star” life. Your big mouth and what you perceive as wittiness has managed to alienate you from everyone except the press who eat up every word you spew, they’ll stick to you like glue because they want to be there for your eventual breakdown.

You will crash and burn Charlie, it’s inevitable. you can’t go on burning the candle at both ends forever. You’ve fallen from grace, but just haven’t hit the the ground yet, but you will, you can count on it. I really hope you come to your senses soon and start mending a few fences and rebuilding some of those bridges you burned. You’ve got too, so that after you crash, there will be someone there to help you put all the pieces back together again. you’ll never be able to do it alone. You’ve proven that already.

just a thought…



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