Squatty Potty: The Revolutionary New Way to Sh#t !

I came across this handy-dandy device and found it interesting. Thought I’d share. If anyone’s ever told you “you don’t know shit!” you will after reading this!
Are you bothered by irregularity? Constipation? Hemorrhoids? Colon problems? If so you are one of millions of Americans who suffer from these ailments every day. But that’s all about to change. I think I may have found a solution that may help. While browsing the net this weekend I came across a product that promises to put an end to rear end maladies and offers up a host of other health benefits as well. Now I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical about this device, but the more I read , the more I saw it’s potential value.
The name of this handy dandy toilet devise is the “Squatty Potty.” Yes I know it’s kind of a funky name but it’s just gimmicky enough to maybe catch on. The “Squat Pot” as I have taken to calling it is a lot like a footstool that fits around the base of a normal toilet and has a platform that allows users to elevate their feet so that instead of sitting flat-footed on the throne, users are actually in a squatting position. The website claims that squatting is a much more comfortable and natural pooping position that alleviates nearly all the strain that is a major cause of hemorrhoids.
This revelation came as a complete surprise to me. I don’t recall ever hearing that squatting is a much healthier, more natural position than sitting. Since early childhood I was taught that sitting while shitting was the only way to go. I even had a potty chair didn’t you? So how come no one every told us about squatting?
Research conducted by licensed health professionals has gathered resounding evidence that shows that our body is designed to be in the squatting position when eliminating. Squatting properly aligns our bodies for a more natural elimination. That’s right, simply elevating your feet while evacuating your bowels is healthier. Today’s toilets are simply not designed for squatting. The toilet may provide a convenient, civilized way to evacuate but it is far from being the best method available.
Apparently doctors and holistic health professionals have know for quite some time that the toilet is actually hazardous to our health! Why? Well when we dump our bodies rely on a natural bend between the rectum which is the storage area for feces and the anus. This bend even has a very scientific sounding name, the Anorectal angle. Defecating in a sitting position causes a kink in the angle that puts pressure on the rectum and holds feces in. When this happens you are forced to push harder and strain to empty the bowels which can lead to health problems.
The Squatty Potty isn’t the first device of its kind, there have been other devices like the “In Lieu'” and “Nature’s Platform” but these devices sold for $100 – $150 or more. The “Squat Pot” is reasonably priced at a mere $35 a poop, I mean a pop on Amazon. It can make your defecating experience not only more pleasant, but also healthier.  Yes the Squatty Potty could be just what you’ve been looking for. Coming soon  to a Home Depot near you!
A few weeks ago you may recall I sang the praises of the Joy Bidet, the toilet accessory that adds cleanliness and good hygiene  to a sometimes messy bodily function. Well today I”m singing the praises of the Squat Pot. Together these two toilet accessories are quite beneficial and should be looked into. In addition to the cleanliness the bidet brings you can also experience ease of elimination and efficiency when emptying your bowels and it also helps reduce bouts of constipation, reduces gas and bloating. Although I haven’t tried the Squatty I have to say I probably will. Before investing $35 however I plan on using a small footstool first to see it the squat theory really works. I’ll keep you posted. You know, I have been told that I’m full of it from time to time, so who knows, maybe this product will help.
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