"Stupid is as Stupid Does"

Murder scene tattoo

I’m sure that by now nearly everyone has heard about the gang member who tattooed an actual murder scene on his chest. I mean this guy actually had a tat artist depict the entire crime in detail, on his chest! I guess he hadn’t planned on taking his shirt off in front of a policeman anytime soon, he must have forgot. Sort of gives a new meaning to the phrase “it’s written all over you” huh?  Well believe it or not, he’s back in the news again and this time he brought his family with him! His brother and, get this, his mother! I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Seems that mom and sons along with two others were charged with trying to smuggling drugs into LA County Jail. All five are now behind bars. Hard to believe but while this banger is sitting in jail waiting for his murder trial to begin, he sees an opportunity to pick up some easy money and conspires with his mom and brother to smuggle drugs to him. As one part of their plan they use a gang member who is about to turn himself in to authorities at the county jail to begin serving a four year sentence for narcotics and firearms offenses. So what do intake officers find when they search him? You guessed it a cache of drugs. While performing a cavity search they discovered four golf sized balloons of heroin and meth. Duh, like they weren’t going to do a cavity search? I’m sure mr. tattoo was very disappointed.  What was it Forrest Gump was fond of say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
Gang members trying something like this is not surprising, but many may be appalled by mom’s involvement because it is not the mom role we are accustomed to, it’s not the mom we know and love. But this is not an isolated case. There are families who have been actively involved in gangs for generations. It’s not unusually for parents to be gang bangers who take part in gang activities and are involved in crimes. It’s what they know, it’s what their children see growing up and why they find their way into the gang lifestyle. Sad but true. Apparently it doesn’t bother them that the family who commit crime together, do time together.

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