"Summers Almost Gone"

“Summers almost gone                                                                                                                        it’s almost gone                                                                                                                                 Morning found us calmly unaware
Noon burned gold into our hair
At night, we swam the Laughing sea 
Where will we be
When summer’s gone                                                                                                                           We had some good times
But they’re gone
The winter’s comin’ on
Summer’s almost gone”

                                 “Summers Almost Gone” Jim Morrison / The Doors


adamhayes-summers-almost-goIt’s hard to believe that summers almost gone.  We’re in the final days of August my friends, just one week remains until the Labor Day holiday and what used to be the traditional Tuesday start of school. Of course very few school districts wait until then any longer. Most of the schools in So Cal are already back in session, some began as early as the 4th. I can understand starting that early if your in the year round school tract system, but not for the traditional school year. When I first started teaching for Azusa Unified School District back in 1988, students began school on the 9th of September. It stayed that way for years. Then about ten years ago the start date began to move up. This year they started on August 18th, a full 3 weeks earlier. Before you know it August will no longer be a part of summer vacation.

I could be wrong but when I was a kid I’m pretty sure that summer was always three months long, Two weeks of June, all of July and August and two weeks of September. I don’t think we ever went back to school until the middle of September. I could swear we always had a couple of weeks off after the Labor Day holiday. Maybe it just felt that way because I was a kid. I’m not sure.

Long or short, where the hell did this summer go? For that matter where has this year gone? It seems like it just got started! Do you realize we’re 2/3’s of the way through 2014 already? There’s only 126 days remaining until 2015, then we get to start it all over again.
Unbelievable! I remember when summer used to go on forever or so it seemed, now they just wiz on by!  Of course now that I’m retired every day is summer so I’m not complaining but for many, summer’s almost gone and you know what that means don’t you? That’s right, there are only 120 more shopping days until Christmas! Woo Hoo!

Just Saying…

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