"Super Bowl Wrap Up! Eli 2 – Brady 0"

"Tom Terrific vs The Come Back Kid"

Well, well, well, so we had a Super Bowl game after all! No blow out or run away, no  0-0 defensive battle, just a closely fought contest between two pretty evenly matched teams. Was it a great game? I’ve seen greater, but it was a good game. Just as I thought, the Giants had just enough to pull out a second SB win over the Pats! They simply wanted it more than the Patsies, who got out gunned.

The battle of the QB’s was fun to watch. It was reminiscent of an old west gunfight. The two tough desperadoes standing in the street facing off against each other. The Gunslingers, notorious veteran Tom Terrific with three SB notches on his belt vs the greenhorn Comeback Kid who had but one notch, a notch he was lucky to earn four years ago in the final two minutes of SB 42, when he somehow avoid a sack and released a long pass that seemed to magically stick to his receivers helmet! The catch lead to an eventual touchdown and the win.  Truly Classic!

Here they were facing off again, two top ten QB’s and when the dust and smoke cleared, farm fresh Eli had completed 30 of 40 passes, Tom Terrific 27 of 41, with one interception and a silly 2 point safety, yep, outgunned again. But it really wasn’t all Tom’s fault. His receivers let him down. If anyone is to blame for the loss it’s Welker, Branch and Hernandez, They choked big time.

With a top receiving crew like theirs, the Patsies had every chance in the world of pulling out a win. With just over 4 minute remaining Mr. ‘sure hands’ Wes Welker dropped an easy pass that would have given them a first down! Unbelievable! He’s made over a 100 catches like it this season, oh well. Then a few minutes later after the Giants marched 88 yards for a score and the lead, the unthinkable happened, on a “must score”drive, Branch and Hernandez dropped passes as well! It was so uncharacteristic of the Pat’s receivers, Brady’s passes sure looked catchable to me.

We know they looked catchable to Brady’s wife. She was quite upset with the receiving corp and didn’t hesitate to say so,”My husband can not f—ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times!” Yeah, neither can every other Patriots fan in the country. Better luck next time Mr. Terrific, if there is a next time. And if there is you best hope it isn’t against “Eli the Elite.” I guess he was right. he does deserve to be in the same company as Braby… I mean  Brady!

Party on Gronkowski!!!!

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