"Super Sunday Showdown! Could This Really Be The Year Of The Horse?"

Superbowl 2014

Superbowl 2014

Woo Hoo! Only a few more days until Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for the Broncos or Seahawks? Right now it’s anybodies guess who’ll come out on top, even Las Vegas odds makers are having a difficult time calling this one. But when you have the number one rated offense versus the number one rated defense anything can happen and probably will. All hell could break loose out there on Sunday. Yeah its shaping up to a pretty awesome game. This match up has all the makings of greatness.  I’m really looking forward to it.

The last time  two number one rated power teams have faced off in the Super Bowl was 23 years ago in SB XXV between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants. The Giant’s and their number one defense won that game 20 – 19 in one of the best SB games ever. It is the only championship  game ever decided by one point. I only hope this years match up is equally as exciting. With the way both teams have been playing ball it should be.

I’ve really got mixed feelings about this game. I’m sorta kinda been leaning towards the Seahawks. I never really followed them until Pete Carroll took over the head coaching job in 2010. I’ve long been a Pete Carroll fan and thought he did an excellent job at USC, it would be pretty cool if his Seahawks win the game. On the other hand I’ve always liked Peyton Manning. I think he is an incredible quarterback, a true humanitarian and outstanding role model, unlike his big baby brother Eli, but that’s another story. Peyton just has this regular guy kind of charm and doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you had a chance to see him host Saturday Night Live back in 07 you know exactly what I mean. Yeah I’d really love to see Peyton get another Super Bowl ring. Therein lies my dilemma. I like Peyton but I can’t stand the Broncos!

 There was a time when I really had no feeling towards them one way or another. I was a Washington Redskins fan and the Broncos were just another team in the NFL who happened to wear the ugliest orange uniforms I’d ever seen. (Orange is not one of my favorite colors). But that all changed when my Redskins made it to Super Bowl XXII, their opponents the Denver Broncos. I watched the SB game with my next door neighbor Steve and our good friend Bob. Both were big time Bronco fans. There I sat wearing my Redskins jersey eager for the game to get underway listening to my buddies talk about the great John Elway  and how he was going to pick apart the Washington secondary. Denver had been to the SB the year before, losing to the NY Giants 39-20 but they were the team of destiny and this year they would win the SB with ease.

By the end of the first quarter I began to believe that they might be right but held on to hope. It wasn’t looking good for the Redskins down 10-0, Elway and the Broncos looked unstoppable. The Redskind got the ball first and did a quick 3 and out. Not two minutes into the game the Broncos scored on their very first play from scrimmage on a 56 yard touchdown pass from Elway. I can still see my friends jumping around, laughing  and cheering. It wasn’t pretty. Washington again went 3 and out and Elway went at it again. They only came away with 3 points on that drive but during the drive Elway flipped the ball to his halfback and went down field where he caught a 23 yard pass! The first time ever that a QB had caught a pass in a SB! 

My friends went wild! They were going crazy with joy and laughing because my Redskins couldn’t do a damn think. They were getting slaughtered! The Broncos had more than double the yards in offense and the 2nd quarter hadn’t even started! I’ll never forget the way they taunted me (all in good fun) while I watched Elway on the field with his big Bronco mouth, laughing his big Bronco laugh after the first touchdown and again after catching the pass. God I hated that guy!

But you never know what’s going to happen in a SB. Always expect the unexpected. When the 2nd quarter began a new, inspired Redskins team took the field. I’m not sure what got into those Redskins but they kicked ass from that point on! The stingy defense didn’t allow Denver another point all day while a red hot offense led by quarterback Doug Williams who had started the season as a back up went on to score 35 unanswered points in the second quarter a SB record, and went on to win 42 -10.  It was incredible!

What is it they say about not counting your chickens, my friends owned the first quarter and let me know it, but I owned the rest of the game. The tables had turned and suddenly it was them who sat there in stunned silence as I hooted and hollered for my Redskins!  They’d really given me the business in the first quarter, They were so sure fired certain that their Broncos were going to slaughter the Redskins. I gotta tell you it felt pretty damn good to have it blow up in their face. Their hapless Broncos could do nothing to stop the Redskins. I almost felt sorry for them, almost. I don’t know if they remember that game as we never talk about it, but it’s a Super Bowl that I will never forget! You have to wonder what made the Redskins do such an amazing turn around. I really think it was John Elway and that damn cocky horse grin of his that pissed them off. Football is no laughing matter. 

So who am I going to root for Coach Carroll and the Seahawks or my favorite NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and the team I love to hate, the Broncos? Tough call. That second ring would be nice for Peyton since his asshole baby brother has two already. But then Peyton doesn’t really need a SB win to secure his legacy or his place in NFL history.  Maybe it’s time to let bygones be bygones and forget my ill feelings towards the Bronco’s. It was after all a long time ago. They are a different team with Peyton at the helm. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Oh well, I’ve got a couple of days to decide. Wait a minute isn’t this the year of the horse?

Enjoy the game!


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