"Ted the Movie, Backlash!"

Wow, are my feelings hurt! I received some email responses to my “Ted the movie”, post of a few days ago and only one person agreed with me that the movie was not that funny. Everyone else thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. Apparently they haven’t seen much. The general consensus is that the only  reason I did not enjoy the movie and failed to find the humor in “Ted” is because I’m too OLD to enjoy it! Really? Perhaps they haven’t heard 60 is the new 50!

Now I’ve always known there are defining moments that put you over the top and into the ‘old person’ category, like becoming eligible for AARP, being able to order from the senior menu at Dennys or getting the senior discount at the movie theater,but being accused of being OLD for failing to find humor in an ‘R’ rated, insignificant, no brainer of a movie shouldn’t be one of them. I enjoy raunchy, off the wall humor as much as the next person, but when a movie has no plot and exists solely for the purpose of presenting rude and crude, in your face bathroom humor in rapid fire succession , I have to draw the line, a movie that relies on fart and crap jokes and other forms of  childish bathroom humor to be successful is not my definition of a good movie.

Yes it’s true I may be old (60) but I still have a sense of humor. I’m no prude, I’m up for an occasional fart joke now and then. I still think one of the best fart scenes in a movie was the beans around the campfire, cowboy fart fest in ‘Blazing Saddles’, now that was funny! And what about the fart scene in ‘Scary movie 3″ the “It’s the chair” scene, again funny! The there was the fart-o’rama scene in ‘Stand by Me’, my bad! that was a barf-o’rama not fart-o’rama. sorry.

One of the funniest comics I remember from my late teens was this comic in Playboy of two guys standing at a bar, drinks in hand. The ass end of one of the guys pants is torn open and there’s a hole blasted out of the wall behind him, the caption simply reads, “Way to rip, Charlie!” Yeah that was funny! I used to love the jokes and comics Hef inserted into his magazine. Of course like most men I only read it for the articles. Yeah, right…

Oh well, you get the point. Fart scenes and fart humor in movies is fine when it’s not overdone. “Ted is simply overkill. There is a good movie in there somewhere, I just failed to find it. It probably ended up on the editing room floor. Too bad. I stick to my original assessment of ‘Ted.’  Hell ‘Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 68! Yeah, sometimes movies can be a lot like farts, they stink! Ted is such a movie. It not only stinks, it’s a bomb!  a stink bomb!

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