"The Endless Summer"

An old Alice Cooper song from the early 70’s used to scream”Schools out for summer! Schools out forever!” and you know what? This time around it is! This is the year that summer just goes on and on and on. That’s right, for me it’s the year of the endless summer! Come August I will not be returning to work!  No more summer breaks to recoup, regroup and re-energize, for the fall. That part of my life is behind me now. I ain’t never going back! Woo Hoo!

puddingstone-100909With one week of retirement under my belt this past weekend we packed up our motor home bound for faraway places. Actually we were headed to a not so faraway place. Our destination, Bonelli Park a mere five and a half miles from home. That right, we were headed across town for two nights of camping bliss with our kids and grand kids. This is the third year that we’ve gotten together for a Father’s Day weekend getaway. Last year we were also at Bonelli Park and the year before that we were at the campgrounds at Prado Lake Campgrounds in Chino. Not sure where we’re going next year.

hiking-2013-01-046Yeah we call our getaway Camp Sausedo where everyone has a great time! It was fun getting together for a couple of days of relaxation, laughter, bike rides, barbecues and late night campfires. It’s a terrific way to get summer started.  The great part is that for the third year in a row there was absolutely no drama! Everyone got along incredibly well, even the grand kids! It was awesome!

We had all been looking forward to our getaway for quite some time. Although we see our kids and grand kids pretty often and get together  now and again for birthdays, barbecues and whatever, there is still something very special about our little camping excursions. All of us together for the weekend, having fun, enjoying one another’s company, one big happy family. I’m truly blessed to be able to spend this kind of quality time with my family. I’m fortunate that our kids enjoy spending time with us. Not all parents can say that. I certainly hope we can do a little more camping with the kids this summer and look forward  to doing it again next Father’s Day! It’s become a Father’s Day tradition! Camp Sausedo was a great way to start of my retirement! And this is only the beginning of my endless summer!

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