"The Grand Kids Cave"

Well week three of summer is underway and I’ve been busy doing the grandpa thing. Last summer my grandson Jonathan started asking about building a tree house back in the corner of the yard. I have to tell you I had no intention of building a tree house! I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy last summer without adding a tree house to the list.  By August Jonathan was getting pretty insistent, even his sister had joined in the tree house discussion. She had quite a list of reasons why they needed a tree house. I remember suggesting to them that their dad build them a tree house in their own yard but they would have none of that, besides they didn’t have any trees big enough for a tree house. No, our yard was the perfect place for their tree house.

For the next several weeks the tree house was all they could talk about. Every time I saw them it was all I heard about. My excuses were wearing thin, but by the time I went back to work in mid August I had managed to quench the fire of desire in the kids and was able to stall the tree house idea for another year. Of course they were not happy and there were some very long faces and bad attitudes but I knew they’d get over it, they always do. But I also knew they wouldn’t forget my promise to build them their tree house this summer. And they didn’t.

20130624_194931As this summer approached the tree house talk began again. When we were out camping for Father’s Day the kids approached me with the big question when were we going to get started on the tree house. Well I told them I had a couple of other smaller projects to finish first then we’d jump right on it. I knew there was no getting out of it this summer, I wasn’t going to disappoint them. So on Monday after Father’s Day I sat down and drew up a plan and put together a materials list. On Tuesday I went down to Home Depot to pick it all up and on Wednesday morning I got started on the tree house. I wanted to surprise them so I called and told my daughter not to bring the kids by for a few days while I worked on it. Yeah this was going to be one hell of a surprise.

20130624_194949Well I finished it up on Sunday. Actually there is still some work to do and it needs to be painted, but the kids are going to be doing the painting. Structurally it is usable as is complete with wooden ladder and trap door entry. Yesterday evening Alan brought Anjalene and Jonathan by to see it. They were jazzed!They couldn’t believe their eyes. A lot of time and effort went into it but just seeing their reaction made it all worthwhile. They can’t wait to get started on the painting and already have plans to install a bookcase, some lights,  a TV and a zip-line! Yeah I’m not too sure about a zip-line but the other items are doable. They even want to put a big sign on it and said that since I have a “man cave” they were going to call theirs the “grand kids cave.”

My son’s boys haven’t seen it yet and neither has little Janessa. I can hardly wait for them to come by and check it out. I know they’re going to love it! I never had a tree house when I was a kid but this one is exactly what I would have wanted. Yeah the grandkids will get a lot of fun use out of it. As a final touch I’d love to find a long slide to hook up to it. I think that would be a real kick for them. Hopefully I can find one that will  work. Now I just have to plan on a good day to have the tree house painting party! I’m sure that’s going to be a load of fun, not to mention messy! Oh well that’s what being a kid is all about and they all want to have a part in finishing it.  I tell you, seeing the excitement and joy on their faces makes the time spent on building it worthwhile. This is what being a gramps is all about!


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