"The Urge Revisited"

Yesterday I had one of those day when I just didn’t feel like being at work. On the way in  I kept thinking about calling in a personal necessity day and driving down to the beach and just hanging out all day watching the waves and listening to the pounding surf. Yeah the ‘urge’ was really strong but somehow I managed to contain it and forced myself to go on to work. This is the first week of the new semester and not a good time to miss a day what with all the change requests and scheduling mishaps. I knew I needed to be there for my students, but still the ‘urge’  was so damn strong. I hate when that happens. Besides my wife wouldn’t have been too happy if I’d skipped work and went to the beach. I don’t know why, she knows I would have invited her.

So as much as I enjoy my job, the whole day seemed to drag on and on.  I kept thinking about the ‘urge’ and a post I’d written last year about just such a thing. When I got home that afternoon I went back and re read “the Urge”. I decided it was worth a second look.

“The Urge”

Ever had the urge? You know, that wickedly delicious impulse to do something completely out of character, something wild, crazy or even a little dangerous! Now I’m not talking about going on some murderous crime spree, or string of robberies, nothing felonious or harmful to others. What I’m referring to, is those spur of the moment urges, the desire to just let your hair down and go for it!
Yeah, you know exactly what I mean. You’ve probably been itching to do something for quite awhile, but common sense, values, or fear holds you back. For instance, every time I see some  dude and his woman tooling down the highway, free as a bird on a Harley  Davidson, I get the sudden urge to go out, sell my van and buy a brand new, customized soft tail,  get a nice tat, strap on the leather and hit the open road!
Yeah, I can see it now, cruising down some shady country road out in the middle of  God’s Country, my old lady clinging on to me, riding like the wind! Never gonna happen right? Of course not, but what if it did!
Imagine for just a moment what life would be like if we all just gave in to our minor whims, if we simply surrendered to our urges and did exactly what we felt like doing, when we felt like doing it. How crazy would that be? Our world would be turned upside down and inside out! To call it utter chaos would be an understatement! But just think about it.
There you are sitting at your desk at work having another in a series of miserable days, your boss is standing there ragging on you about some detail you supposedly missed, and how much money your error is costing the company, when you suddenly get the urge to tell the boss to shove it!  You’ve thought about doing it hundreds of times before, but never acted on it. What if this time, for reasons unknown,  instead of sitting there and simply entertaining the thought for a moment, then dismissing it as utterly insane, you didn’t question it or worry about rules, and you simply stood up, looked the boss right in the eye and told him to screw off!
Now wouldn’t that be awesome! Imagine the prodigious sense of satisfaction you’d experience.  Sure you’d probably be fired immediately, but so what! You know you hate what you’re doing anyway, and a change is long overdue.  Think about it.
Or maybe you’re working your butt off at the deli again, making yet another boring meatball sandwich when you’re overcome by the urge to run naked through the streets. You’ve always been a closet naturist, and have been doing your housework in the buff for years, so, what if you just did it! What if you just said screw it, stripped off your clothes and ran  down the center of Main Street!  Wouldn’t that be wild!
Yeah, you’d probably be arrested for indecent exposure and spend a few hours in jail, but so what! It’d be worth it just to exercise your right to personal freedom! To do exactly what you felt like doing for once in your life!  I’m just saying…
Right now I’m  overcome by the urge to tell you all  that it’s okay to listen to that little voice inside your head every once in a while. Rules be Damned! Sometimes some of our best experiences are those done spontaneously or on a lark. Nothing too crazy mind you, but when you get the urge – act on it!
Remember the NIKE slogan

Just Saying…


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