" There's No Place Like Home Sweet Home"

"Home Sweet Home"

Remember those five special words Dorothy said to make her way back from Oz, “There’s no place like home.” She repeated it while clicking her heels three times and was magically  transported back to her Kansas home and the loving arms of her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, so happy to be home again.

So what is it about a home that’s makes it so special? What qualities make it a home rather than simply a residence? You would think that any place where families live would be considered a home? Isn’t any house, condo or apartment a home?  Well they can be, but aren’t always. Sometimes a house is not a home. That’s right, sometimes a house is just a house, a structure with rooms and a roof, a place to protect you from the elements, a place to prepare meals in, to sleep in and keep your things in, anything from a single room shack to a multi-roomed mansion. But size isn’t important. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, even if you can afford it. And decor doesn’t matte either. You can have your house decorated by the best interior designers, and decked out with the the highest quality furnishings money can buy and still have only a house and not a home.

So what makes one house feel like a home while another feels like just a building?  What gives it that warm, “home sweet home” feel? First off a home is inviting, comfortable, gives off a charm that is unmistakable,and feels lived in. A home is a refuge, a sanctuary from the rest of the world, the one place you can go to get away from the cold, fast paced world you’re forced to compete in, a place where you can unwind, reenergize and restore your sanity. A home is a where you feel protected and safe with the people, and things you care about, where you begin each day and end each evening with the ones you love. “Home is where the heart is.”

Some people view their residences as showplaces, everything is of the finest quality and there’s not a thing out of place. Who the hell wants to live in a museum exhibit or memorial I lived in a house like that. Actually only two of the rooms were like that. The living room and dining room were my mom’s masterpieces. We didn’t dare go in or sit on the couch without permission. No way! My mom would have had a fit! Those rooms were her pride and joy. They looked like a Barker Brothers Furniture display, or something out of a magazine. This was especially true if you were driving by at night. The extra large picture window and soft lighting allowed you to see most of the living room from the street and gave it the appearance of a showroom display window. I guess that was the whole idea.  Thank God the rest of the house was homey.

A home is supposed to be cozy and seldom neat. Things are always out of place, newspapers, books, magazines or laptops on the couch and coffee table, jackets or sweaters hanging on the back of a dining room chairs, morning coffee cups in the sink. Yeah, that’s what a home is all about, that’s what give it appeal. The lived in look and feel are all part of a homes mystique.

A true home is a place where memories are made and traditions established. Home is where the heart is. Yep, there is definitely “no place like home.”


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