"This,That and the Other: a mixed bag /news clips"

“And Justice for All”

GUILTY AS CHARGED!Surprise! Surprise! The jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Like no one saw that one coming. Old Conrad didn’t have a chance in hell of walking out of that courtroom a free man. He was Michael’s personal physician, he was supposed to be there to care for him not to be his personal drug pusher. He  may not have administered that fatal, final dose of propofol, but he was certainly responsible for it being there. Although I firmly believe that Micheal himself played a significant role in his own death and died as a result of his own long term drug addiction Murray was criminally negligent and his actions played a pivotal role in Michael’s death. Besides, someone had to bear the responsibility for Michael’s death. If not Conrad Murray, then who?

The biggest surprise of the day occurred after the verdict had been read when, at the direction of the judge, sheriff deputies approached Murray and placed him in handcuffs and took him into custody where he will remain until his sentencing hearing on November 29th. He could be sentenced to 4 years which means he’ll serve 2. The crowd outside and the entire Jackson family felt vindicated, justice was served. But this is far from over.  There are sure to be appeals filed on Murray’s behalf as well as civil suits against Murray by the Jackson family. They may not get much money out of Murray, but exacting revenge is sweet, just ask Joe Jackson. He’s ready for part two. What I find interesting is all the talk about Conrad being the perfect candidate for house arrest or even probation. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

“WTF? Lohan Loose Again”

"Lohan hears her 90 day sentence"

Well bad girl Lindsay Lohan received a 90 day sentence from an angry judge last week for violating her probation yet again. The 10pm news Sunday night had a video clip of her arriving at a jail facility in Lynwood around 9pm to begin serving her sentence. I, like countless others was quite pleased to see her finally having to serve some real time after making a mockery out of the justice system over and over again. It’s about time.

Imagine my surprise when I heard on Monday that she spent only a little more than 4 1/2 hours behind bars. She was released before 2am Monday morning and picked up by a chauffeur driven Cadillac Escalade. She was released early because of jail overcrowding and because she committed a nonviolent crime. What a bunch of BS! Enough is enough already.  This revolving door jail thing is getting old. For repeat offenders like Lohan the reduction of sentences because of overcrowding should be done away with. Her abuse of the system is intolerable. She needs jail time, and I’m talking about months not hours! We spend all this money in court costs to prosecute, sentence and monitor for what? What a waste of money, our money!

“Raising Cain!”

"Ah I don't remember ever meeting this woman."

Herman Cain the retired businessman and lobbyist who decided last May to make a run for the presidency has fallen on hard times. With all the allegations about sexual misconduct that have surfaced recently many wonder if Cain is able to continue his run for the president. Even his staunchest supporters are having their doubts. It started off as First it anonymous accusations from two women  from his past and he immediately denied any wrongdoing. Then another woman came forward and publicly accused him of putting his hand up her skirt and trying to push her face into his crotch. Of course he denies the charges and says he doesn’t remember ever meeting the woman. Now one of the first two has decided to go public with her accusations that he grouped her 14 years ago.

The author of the dubious 9-9-9-tax  plan is fading fast. His denial tactics are wearing thin, as are his attacks on the women’s credibility, He can “absolutely” reject the charges and allegations all he wants, but they are definitely having an affect on his campaign. He’s been in a defensive stance against these charges for nearly 10 days now with no relief in sight. I really doubt he can keep his presidential hopes alive much longer. His folksy style isn’t going to get him out of this one. Word is the two women accusers Bialek and Kraushaar will be teaming up for a news conference soon. Let’s see how that goes. I think Cain is learning that politics is a much dirtier business than running a pizza. empire.

“It’s a Gas!”

2012 Prices ? It Could Happen!

Just in case you haven’t heard, Analyst are predicting record gasoline prices for 2012. So what else is new. U.S. refineries are busting a hump to satisfy the growing demand in Latin and South America which is driving record U.S. exports of fuel to those parts of the country. Gasoline going to Mexico and diesel going to Chile. A few months ago I mentioned that we are exporting our gas and diesel in record amounts, obviously we’re still at it. So while  American demand for gasoline is down 4% compared to last year, but prices continue to rise,  so we’re consuming less gas but paying more for it. Go figure. It’s all about the almighty dollar people. Those oil companies want to those hundreds of billions in profits to keep pouring in . Again it’s not about what is best for the American people, it’s about what is best for big business. It sucks.


“There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Unless Your a CA Senator!”


California senators’ base pay is  $95,291 a year, the highest in the nation. They also make an additional $143 per diem each day that they’re in session. They’re in session approximately 8 months per year so they’re doing pretty well for themselves. You’d think with a salary and perks like that they could afford to pay for their own meals. Well they don’t. So far this year $111,316 in taxpayer funds have been spent on food, while senators work to cut the budget. An additional $2,900 a month was paid for granola, yogurt and snacks of fresh fruit (pears, white nectarines, Clementines) and sweets like Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Klondike bars and snicker doodle cookies. What a load of crap! They sit there cutting the hell out of essential programs while munching on snicker-doodles! Only in America!

The state is in this terrible financial pinch, schools are broke, assistance programs are being cut, yet they’re dining on our dime!  It’s ridiculous! These are our elected representatives? What the hell do they think they’re doing? Why isn’t this expense being covered by their per diem? We should not be paying for it! this is just another example of the economic abuse going on in state capitals across the country. If we’re paying for meals and treats then let’s do away with the per diem. That should save the taxpayer some money. Of course the legislators don’t want to lose their per diem, they enjoy double-dipping. Hey if they can get away with it why not!  Yeah, there ought to be a law! Hey maybe they’ll pass one! Yeah right!

“Paterno Call it Quits!”

Joe Paterno made it official today by announcing his retirement.  This  will be his last season. What a surprise! Not!  He may have thought he was going to dictate the terms for his exit from the game and finish out the 4 remaining games as head coach,  But that wasn’t to be. The Penn State Board of Trustees fired Paterno Wednesday night along with the president of the university, effective immediately!  Tough blow Joe! Not a very pretty way to close out your career.

Just Saying…





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