Throwback Thursday: "Life's a Bitch, Just Part of the Trip" 2011


Okay, let’s face it, what they say (whoever they are) is true,  Life’s  a Bitch!  That’s right, a certified bitch, a truly difficult and unpleasant situation. Each and everyday we’re out there trying to make our way, trying to do the right thing, making every effort to be good little humans, then pow, right between the eyes, we’re hit with some situation, issue or event that touches us in some profound way and greatly impacts the way we choose to live our lives.

 These sometimes tragic and unexpected events cause us to react, and remain with us long after they’ve occurred, slowly eating away at our psyche, causing us to question our long held beliefs and attitudes, and sometimes even the very existence of God! For certainly misfortune and disasters weaken us and break our spirit. We become troubled and can’t understand how God can let them happen. Why should He want to destroy His own creation? Why does he suddenly steal the life of a loved one? How can He allow man to destroy man? What kind of God permits these things?

We question and ponder things for hours on end, and in those moments of darkness and despair as we drown in a pool of anger and confusion, a battle rages within us as our rational mind tries desperately to convince our hearts that there is no God! But our hearts know otherwise, and even as we seek to deny Him, we plead with Him to explain His actions. We question His motives and plead to know why, and still no answers come.

 We’ve all been there. We’ve all had reason to blame God for tragedy in our personal lives. Most of us, after much soul searching, manage to pull through and move on towards acceptance. Though painful, we pull through. Sadly there are a few who can never stop blaming God for their loss. They never find it in their hearts to forgive, and go through life questioning God’s motives and searching for the answers to the whys of life.

It’s been called many things, fate, chance, destiny, karma, serendipity and predestination. I choose to call it God’s Plan. His plan for us has purpose and is designed to lead us closer to wisdom, understanding and eternal Life.

It is my belief that each of us has our own personal gateway to eternity.  This gate and the road leading up to it are ours alone. No two people travel the same road or enter by the same gate. The experiences we have on our journey , good or bad, are all part of our quest for truth and purpose. They are ours to interpret , ours to chew up, digest and grow from. I believe that God has given us a free will which allows us to make our own choices and grow at our own rate. If we learn nothing and fail to grow from a particular experience, the road to our gate becomes longer and less accessible. On the other hand if we learn a lesson from the experience and grow in wisdom, our gate gets a little closer and our road a little smoother.

It’s not just about the journey, it’s what we learn from it that matters…

 It’s all just a part of the trip, our trip…

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