Too Old To Rock?

images (13) The other day while driving in to work I was listening to the Stones “Some Girls” on Jack FM. When the song ended the deejay began rambling on about the Rolling Stones “50 and Counting Tour”. I don’t usually listen to the babble of morning deejays but some of what he was saying was interesting so I left it on. He was particularly focused on how senior citizens Jagger and Richards Watts and Woods, despite their age are the all-time premiere rock band! He just couldn’t stop talking about their May 2nd Staple Center show. Apparently it was his first time seeing the Stones and he was stoked. He painted an incredibly vivid image of Jagger 69, strutting his stuff  and Richards, also 69 wailing on his ax all night long!  He just couldn’t believe that the two will both be turning 70 this year. 

While he droned on I started thinking about the two 69 year old performers, their 71 year old drummer who will be 72 next month and the kid, guitarist Ronnie Wood who is just a few weeks away from being 66. Still rocking after all these years! And from what I’ve been hearing and reading, doing a hell of a job! But then what else would you expect from the world’s best rock & roll band? It’s got to be very difficult putting on a show like theirs. I can only imagine what a toll their stage performances must take on their aged bodies. hell, I’m nearly 10 years younger and I burn out after just a few hours of manual labor. How do they do it? drugs?

Then suddenly the light bulb went on! Duh! Now it all made sense. When their tour dates were first announced earlier this year I’d noticed that they had allowed for a three or four days break between each show and that the shows near the end of the tour had even bigger breaks between performances. My only thought as I read it was why they hadn’t fill those gaps with more shows to pull in more big bucks? Now I understood why. There is absolutely no way these guys could put on a show like they do on back to back nights, maybe once upon a time, but not now. These guys need that time off between shows to rest and recuperate before the next big show. On stage the Stones pull out all the stops and give it all they got. They always give their fans what they want and need the break so that they can do just that. They have to be completely frazzled by the time they leave the arena. 

Suddenly an image of Jagger and Richards backstage after a show popped into my head. Jagger, drenched in sweat, after a night of twisting, turning, dancing and strutting, collapsed on a sofa, face down nearly comatose. Richards lying flat on his back on the floor, arms and legs spread, passed out from exhaustion after a hell of a night of playing! But those paid to care for them will somehow manage to get them back to their hotel suite away from prying eyes so that they can recuperate.

Flash forward to their suites, The smell of Ben-gay and Icy-Hot hang heavy in the air. Ace bandage and brace wrappers strewn on the floor beside them. Both men sound asleep, lost in dreams, slowly recuperating, regaining their strength for their fans. When they awake there are ice packs and massages, jacuzzi baths, physical therapy and in Richard’s case perhaps even a pharmacist, legal or otherwise, awaiting them. Yes it’s hell getting old even for rock stars.

But by showtime a few days later they are back, ready and raring to go on to what they promise to be another great show! And it will be! It always is! Even so, I still wouldn’t pay big bucks to see them! So I ask you Are the Rolling Stones too old to rock? …

Rock on…

Just a thought…






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