"Tuesday Afternoon"

QuietZone-300x263Sitting there in the family room strumming my guitar, enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house on a Tuesday afternoon. My wife had just left to go somewhere with our daughter, and my dad was out with my sister, so other than the dogs, I was all alone and it felt pretty damn good! Alone time doesn’t happen often around here, especially since we moved my dad in with us over a year and a half ago. Yeah there almost always seems to be someone around. I tell you I’ve learned to really appreciate the quiet moments.

Now I’m not saying that’s having people around is a bad thing. I mean that’s what a home is all about right? A house is just a house until the warmth, caring and sharing of a loving family, fill it’s emptiness with the sweet sound of conversation, laughter and joy! Only then does it truly become a home.

Our house is certainly a home. We’ve been here over 34 and 1/2 years, sure feels like home to me! We raised our three children here, and in spite of my obvious ineptness at parenting, they’ve all turned out to be pretty incredible adults. We must have done something right! They are without a doubt our greatest success.  All three have moved on to homes of their own. Yeah, my daughter’s been a homeowner for fifteen year now and my son bought his first home about ten years ago. My youngest son bought his in October, all happy homeowners.

Through the years our home has become the gathering spot for holidays, weekends, Sunday football or just about anytime or occasion. We are usually joined by my sister, my nephew and his fiance, my niece, her husband and their two kids and my brother-in-law and his kids.  At times our home is the noise capital of the world! The adults can be loud enough, especially if you add a little wine or some margaritas into the mix! But then throw in the 6 grand kids, my nieces two kids and the dogs and you’ve got quite a cacophony! Yeah it gets pretty crazy!

That is exactly why this Tuesday afternoon was so incredible.  Sitting there with the TV off, laptop closed, just me and my Martin guitar. Awesome. I think it was Axl Rose of Guns n’ Roses fame in the song “November Rain” that sang, “Sometimes I need some time on my own, Sometimes I need some time all alone. Everybody needs some time on their own. Don’t you know you need some time All alone…” He couldn’t be more right. We all need those quiet moments on our own away from the chaos, madness and confusion that sometimes is our lives.

Peace-and-quiet-300x193I tell you my Tuesday afternoon alone was a welcomed departure from the norm. It was not only a time to strum and relax, but an opportunity “to be still and see,” a time to reflect and a time to grow. And we all need that, to keep our lives in balance… to keep our sanity…

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