"Update: Mistrial Declared in Brandon McInerney Murder Trial"

Mistrial for Murderer!

It took more than three years for the Brandon McInerney case to wind its way through the court system. Thanks to the stall tactics of the defense this case went on and on before finally going to trial. Using a series of motions, and countless delays to drag things out defense attorneys even managed to get the trial moved out of Ventura County to a neutral site in LA County to avoid juror bias.                                                                                       Related article:  http://sausedo.net/2011/08/12/gay-student-killed-in-classroom-murder-or-manslaughter/

Well it turned out just as I predicted. Attorneys for McInerney managed to hang the jury and win a mistrial! They successfully tugged at jurors heartstrings and blinded them to the facts in evidence. But then what do facts, truth or justice have to do with a courtroom trial? It’s all about winning the jury. If the defensive can get one juror to buy what it’s selling, they win. In this case it was not the acquittal they had hoped for, but a victory none the less. Now it’s up to prosecutors to decide if there will be a second trial. I tell you, there damn well  better be!

Brandon McInerney is a cold blooded murderer. With malice and forethought he boldly executed gay classmate Larry King. Driven to violence by the gay students horrendous taunt of, “What’s up, baby?” as they passed in the hallway on the day before the shooting. What’s up Baby? oh please!  That taunt was supposedly the last straw, coupled with Kings high heels, make up, women’s clothing and other past remarks he just couldn’t take it anymore. According to his attorney he was “just a 14 year old child who didn’t know what to do and had no one to guide him.”

So McInerney, driven to the point of desperation went home and planned the murder. The following day he took a 22 handgun to school and put two shots in the back of the King’s head, the only way he could think of to deal with the problem.

What part of premeditation didn’t the jury understand? He went home put a gun in his backpack. Woke up the next morning went to school, made it a point to sit behind king and killed him.  He so much as admitted premeditation to police psychologist after his arrest. Unbelievable!

Being a jurist certainly isn’t easy, but damn it, you’ve got to check your emotions at the deliberation room door. Once inside it is “just the facts” as Sargent Joe Friday of Dragnet fame used to say, “just the facts.” And the facts were clear in this case. McInerney killed King. He was angry and he shot him. It doesn’t matter that he had a rough childhood or that his dad was an ass. It doesn’t matter whether he had white supremacist leanings or if he was a homophobic. All that matters are the facts. He was angry, he went home had all night to think about it and cool off. Instead he continued with his plan went to school and executed King. guilty as charged. Murder one!

I guess I’d have some sympathy for McInerney if h’ed taken the stand in his own defense and told his tale of being harassed by King and maybe show a bit of remorse for his actions, but his defense attorneys chose not to put on the stand, which makes me a bit suspicious. Why didn’t they want him up there? What didn’t they want the jury to see? I know a defendant doesn’t have to testify. Too bad, they should have too take the stand in their own defense. What kind of message is sent when 12 people can’t take a long hard look at the facts and arrive at a just decision. And after the mistrial was declared McInerney turned and gave his family a smile, saw his former girlfriend in the courtroom and blew her a kiss, as though he didn’t have a care in the world. What an ass!

The trial one is over. Another case of justice being manipulated by a slick defense. I can only hope that the prosecution doesn’t cave and presses forward for a quick retrial. King deserves justice. After the mistrial was declared a friend of the defendants family spoke to reporters and had the audacity to say that the case should have never gone to trial! Can you believe that? He also said that the real crime was that he was being tried as an adult! Come on! How stupid can you be? What does this nut job think should have happened. A young boy was killed! The real crime is murder. The real criminals are the defendant and the shifty eyed silver tongued defense attorney representing him.

What’s the difference between a scavenging, blood thirsty vulture and a lawyer?
> . . . The vulture doesn’t take its wing tips off at night.

Just Saying…




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