"Waiting on God's Plan"

“Death the ultimate journey, the final part of the trip!”

As I sit here writing this afternoon the house is unusually quiet. Our three small dogs who normally bark up a storm are surprisingly subdued and the noisy birds who come in great numbers to eat from the two feeders hanging outside my dad’s bedroom window and frolic in the birdbath seem to have chosen to go elsewhere. There have only been a few birds today. Even the nearby freeway seems much quieter than normal which is strange considering that that the rush hour is nearly upon us. I’ve almost convinced myself that it is a revered silence, as though they somehow sense that something is happening at my home, as though they know that we are on a “deathwatch.”  

IMAG0418 (1)Sadly my 91 year old father is on his deathbed or so it seems. He’s been on hospice care since the end of June after a brief hospital stay due to his pain. Recently he’s taken a turn for the worse, he is in decline and it appears his time is at hand. He is extremely weak and can barely speak and is beginning to have difficulty swallowing, so he’s scarcely eating. Most of his time is spent sleeping which is a more than likely a result of the regular doses of morphine he receives every few hours for his pain and believe me he has plenty of pain. My dad has three discs in his lower back that are bone on bone and his knees and left hip are in the same deteriorated condition. The result of a 40 year plus truck driving career. Yes all the jumping on and off his rig, double clutching and rolling loads have taken there toll. I’m sure the many years he spent doing weekend cement work with his dad and brother also contributed to his present condition.  I can only hope that his sleep is filled with lots of sweet dreams.

It’s tough seeing pop’s in this condition. He’s told us for several months now that he’s ready to move on, but obviously that hasn’t been part of God’s plan for him, at least not yet. So we do what we can, we keep him dry and as comfortable as possible, pray and wait to see if this indeed will be his time or if he’ll rebound and begin to get better. On two previous occasions we’ve prepared ourselves for the worst only to have dad bounce back. This time however his condition is more serious and his pain is much more severe than those past episodes. So we wait. Funny but Tom Petty once sang that “the waiting is the hardest part” and it is.

If in fact it is God’s will and this is my dad’s time, we will miss him of course but we’ll rejoice that he is in his Heavenly home, free of earthly pain, reunited with my mom, younger brother, and other loved ones that have gone before, resting comfortably in the arms of the Lord. Please keep dad in your prayers.

Love You Pop’s

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