"WARNING: Obama Care May Be Hazardous to Your Health!"

 Okay, so the otherwise conservative Supreme Court succeeded in blowing the minds of nearly everyone today by ruling favorably for Obama Care. Despite all the nay-saying  Republicans the Supremes found Obama Care constitutional! It was a close vote and no one would have never guessed that a conservative court member would be the swing vote! Betcha never saw that one coming!

So now the fun begins as the Republic Party rallies round the flag in a major effort to have the bill repealed, something they don’t have the votes to accomplish, at least not til after November. Even Mitt, ‘the Golden Boy’ Romney sounded off after the decision arguing that Obama Care is ‘bad policy’. “Obama Care was bad law yesterday,  Romney said, It’s a bad law today.” He believes it’s so bad for the country that it deserves to be repealed no matter what the Supremes say. He pledged to make repealing the law his first official act if he’s elected president. Mitt claims to have a plan that will target what he sees as the real problem in health care, the rising cost of coverage. Of course so far it’s all talk, he’s offered not so much as an outline of his plan and no specific details, but then there’s nothing unusual about that, it’s politics.

So what’s the dealio? Is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the great medical care/ health insurance bail out the countries been waiting for, or is it bad medicine as so many critics claim? On the one hand it will certainly increase the number of Americans with health coverage which is a good thing, but it will fall far short of the health care security blanket promised us by Obama, in fact after seven years, more than 21 million will still be uninsured.

Now let’s talk dollars and cents. The program will cost more than $2.7 trillion in the first ten years alone which will add $823 billion to our national debt! In addition Obama Care does nothing to stop the rising cost of insurance. Premiums will continue to skyrocket. And if that isn’t bad enough consider what O/C will do to our economy. If we are to believe the rhetoric, will will see our taxes go up by nearly $600 billion over the next 7 years and places much of the burden on business. If that doesn’t stifle economic growth and employment I don’t know what will. As if things aren’t bad enough already!

Doesn’t sound too rosy does it? Yeah there’s a lot more to Obama Care than meets the eye and I haven’t even mentioned the mess we all know the government is bound to make out of rationing care, and you know there’s going to be lots of government interference with doctors and how they practice medicine. Come on, what do politicians know about practicing medicine? Yeah, things could get very ugly for us all.

We all know the state of health  care has long been in need of an overhaul, but a total rebuild? Now? And at such great cost? I’m not so sure. There are too many unanswered questions, so much that still needs to be worked out. God, there’s so much that could go wrong, and you know Murphy’s Law, if something can go wrong – it will.

I don’t understand, if we really want to reform health care why not follow the model set by Canada or even France? They have universal health care systems that work. There are several other countries that have some form of universal health care, countries like  China, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United Kingdom  and many others. For God sakes, if the Ukraine and Sri Lanka can have a working, health care system Why the hell can’t we?

The aim of Obama Care is at it’s nucleus a good idea. It is not about control or a loss of rights. It is not about taking away things from some people or to give handouts to  those who don’t deserve it. It is about providing affordable health insurance to every American so they can continue in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness without the big health insurance companies standing in their way. I know that the closer we examine this new law, the more we find wrong with it, but it has a strong premise and doesn’t have to be bad news for taxpayers, businesses, health care providers, and patients. We need to find a way to make this thing work, tweak it here and there, toss out what won’t work and mold it into  a working, sustainable, universal health plan system that benefits us all.

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