"Warning: Walking on the freeway can be dangerous to your health!"

622x350By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the woman who was beaten by a California Highway Patrolman alongside the 10 freeway last week, talk about road rage it’s more like ‘roadside rage’! Apparently the woman, who is believed to be mentally ill, was walking by the side of the freeway and wouldn’t comply with the CHP’s instructions to stop. The officer gave chase, caught the woman and wrestled her to the ground, then proceeded to pummel her in the head and face with his fists more than a dozen times. The beating was captured on cell phone video by a passing motorist and has gone viral and the CHP is the talk of the town!

A spokesperson for the Highway Patrol said that Highway Patrol officers have a heightened sense of the danger of traffic on freeways compared to citizens who are not used to the high speed of vehicles. He went on to say that the woman, who is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation, was wandering around in traffic and presenting not only a danger to herself but to the people in the vehicles near her as well. When asked about the beating he responded by saying that the video  “only shows a small part of what transpired, there were events that led up to this.” He also said that a full investigation is underway.

Okay, I can understand the officers concern, but what the hell was this cop thinking? Officers can only use force when reasonably necessary to overcome force or danger posed by a subject. I don’t think this applies in this particular case. This assault was not reasonable. Sure the officer may have been concerned about the woman’s safety and that she may get hit by a car. Sure he wanted to protect her, that’s his job. But in the course of doing his job for reasons unknown, he found it necessary to wrestle her to the ground, get on top of her and beat the living crap out of her. All in an effort to protect her? I don’t think so. You don’t protect someone from harm by beating them up, at least not in this country.

No, the video clearly shows an officer who has lost his cool. He is out of control. Perhaps its because the woman wouldn’t follow his orders, oh I mean instructions and just walked away from him. Or maybe she was verbally abusive towards him and said some things that ruffled his feathers. Whatever the reasons, the officers videoed assault on the woman has caused quite a stir. The family is furious and wants the officer held accountable and punished accordingly. Civil Rights leaders and the American Civil Liberties Union wants a Federal investigation of civil rights violations. And the CHP wants the whole think to go away. But that’s not likely. You can bet a lawsuit is in the works.

 Just what peace officers needed another crazy incident that brings them negative national attention. But this too shall pass. This cop is an idiot and should be punished. But just because it should happen doesn’t mean it will. Facts don’t mean a thing. The video tape? Hell that don’t mean a thing either. Remember Kelly Thomas the mentally ill man who was beaten to death by police? There was video and audio of that beating too and a jury found both officers innocent. Will this dick ever be punished for losing his cool and beating on this woman? I really doubt it. In time the City will quietly reach some sort of an agreement with the woman and her family and the whole thing will fade away.

In the meantime be careful out there. Apparently anything can happen and often does.


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