"Wasted Wishes"

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you…

Wish Art - Magic Wand - 312x214Do you remember making wishes when you were kids? Of course you do. We all do. Children are always wishing for something. A wish is a longing or strong desire to get something that we really, really want. When we were kids there was an awful lot of stuff that we really wanted. We wished for material things like bikes, baseball gloves, wagons, dolls and toys, or intangibles like wishing to go to a specific place,Disneyland, Marineland, Santa’s Village or maybe even the moon. Sometimes we wished for an action or result like wishing that mom would stop calling you by your nickname in front of your friends or that daddy might be nicer to mommy or vice versa or my all time favorite wishing to be older. Yeah there were lots of things to wish for, so many that most of us  probably kept on wishing through our teens and I’m sure there are still a lot of us who even now continue to wish.

TB84ih15And why not. We were taught to wish early on. Every year on our birthday didn’t we get to make that one special wish? Yeah we did. While everyone was gathered around us singing the birthday song and the birthday candles burned brightly on the cake in front of us, we were told to think about our special wish, visualize it coming true and when the song ended we silently made our wish as we blew out the candles. We also learned early on that we were never to tell anyone what we wished for or our wish wouldn’t come true! I don’t know about you but I never told anyone what I wished for when I blew out the candles and still, year after year, I never got what I wished for on my birthday. I suppose I simply set myself up for failure by wishing too big, but for the longest time I really did want a horse of my own and then there was that period of time when I really wanted my own space ship. Hell, now I’ve gone and done it! I told you my wish now it will never come true!

wish-on-starWe used to have so many opportunities to make wishes. Remember wishing on a falling star? Seeing a shooting star is a pretty spectacular sight, it has been since the dawn of man. Do you realize that man has been wishing on falling stars since the time of the early Greeks. They believed shooting stars were extraordinary and that God would be more receptive to wishes made when a star was falling. I made so many shooting star wishes, especially as a teenager. I remember all those starry nights up at Lake Nacimiento, laying there in my sleeping bag under the stars and falling asleep while wishing on shooting stars. Beautiful. Then there was all those wishes we used to make just after sunset. Do you remember saying “Star light, star bright first star I see tonight.”  Yep, wishing on the first star you saw in the evening sky was yet another opportunity to make wishes.

imagesWhat about those dandelions that grew up out of the lawn. Remember blowing on a dandelion and making a wish? “Dandelion puffs away, make my wish come true some day.” It was fun to do but if we were with friends it usually resulted in a

downloadgame of ‘dandelion war’ as we ran around blowing them at each other.  And who can forget wishbones. Remember sitting at the dining room table and eating a chicken or turkey dinner and finding the wishbone?  If you made a wish while pulling at the wishbone with another person and you end up with the longer half, you’re wish was supposed to come true.  And what about wishing wells, rainbow wishes or wishes involving coins. Oh so many wishing opportunities.

It’s surprising that after growing up in such a wish filled world so many of us were actually able to stop wishing and get doing. We were able to get ourselves focused and instead of wishing that we could become something, we actually took action that was clearly defined and took the  steps necessary to move forward and accomplish our goals. I’ve often heard it said that wishing will get you nowhere, that wishing is for the weak who are afraid to step up. And although wishing is a mental activity, it leads nowhere. However focusing your thoughts and formulating a goal oriented plan is also a mental activity, one that drives us to take action that leads to positive results, namely success and happiness.

Now I’m not saying that kicking back and wishing and wondering is a bad thing, we all do that once in awhile and that’s okay. What I’m saying is that if you really want your wish/es to come true there is only one way to make that happen and I’m not talking about winning the lottery! I’m talking about getting up off your butt, stop staring at the stars, put down that dandelion, set goals, formulate a workable plan and follow it and take action! In this way what you wish for is more likely to become a reality. Do it!

Just Saying,


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