"Whoo Hoo! It's Super Bowl Sunday"

It’s hard to believe that football season is nearly over, we’ve watched seventeen weeks of football, the playoffs, the AFC and NFC championship games and now there’s just one game remaining, the battle of the champions, the Super Bowl! In less than an hour football fans will gather in their homes or those of friends, sports bars or restaurants to watch footballs grand finale. Right about now those fans are busy preparing for what has become a national tradition, the Super Bowl Party!

Fans everywhere are busy putting the beer on ice, barbecuing up steaks, ribs, chicken, burgers and hot dogs, cooking up big pots of chili, preparing the nachos and hot wings, getting those chips, dip, spreads and salsas ready for the big game! Party time!  We’ve got family coming over for the game and my wife has quite a spread prepared for us. She is quite the hostess, always has been. She loves cooking and trying out new recipes and believe me, we all appreciate her efforts! They’re delicious!

Yeah, today is the day we’ve been waiting for all season. All the hype and promises we’ve been subjected to for the last few weeks has led to today. I remember back when the SB started I was a junior in high school. Year after year the guys and I would venture out to my friend Bob’s house in Pico Rivera. He lived next to El Rancho High so after the game we’d all go over to their field and play some rock em sock em football. Without pads and helmets it made for some major aches and pains the following day and even a few injuries. After awhile we got to damn old for our once a year football game. I think we stopped the year Pete bit through his tongue. Yeah those were some fun times. Ouch!

Like most of you I’m looking forward to a good game today, million dollar commercials and the super half-time show featuring the ‘Material Girl’ herself, Madonna! Now, I’m not a big Madonna fan, but most years the half-time entertainment is pretty good, sometimes better than the game itself. I really hope its a shoot out. Two of the premiere quarterbacks in the game or so says the hype. I actually think Drew Breese and Philip Rivers are better at QB, but then they’re not in the big game are they?

Truth be told I don’t particularly care for Manning or Brady. I think they’re both good quarterbacks but I just don’t like them. Brady has gotten better, but he used to be such a prima dona a few years ago, I really thought he was just an average QB whose great offensive line and corp of ace receivers took him to the Super Bowl and got him those rings.  He’s now moved to the ranks of above average but there a number of QB’s out there who could do what Brady has done with the kind of time he has in the backfield. He usually has all day back there. This year he’s got the Gronk, Hernandez, Welker, Ochocinco, Branch and Woodhead as his primary receivers and the Gronk is incredible! If the Pats should win today it will be Brady’s receivers and offensive line that make it possible, he’s no one man team, unless of course he suddenly becomes a Vick or Tebow out there today, which I highly doubt. The Pats are the favorites, but I don’t know, Brady played pretty badly in his last game, pretty badly indeed. They’d better watch out for a hungry Giants team.

Eli has slowly progressed into a decent quarterback. I haven’t liked him since he was first drafted by the Chargers, then acted like a big baby and threw a tissy-fit because he didn’t want to play in San Diego. What a jerk! I still don’t care for him much, but I have to tell you, this season I have gained respect for him as a QB. He’s come a long way from that lucky SB win four years ago, that Tyree circus helmet catch, earned them a ring. I truly believe that this time they have a very good chance at winning a ring and stealing Brady’s thunder. Eli is a much better QB than he was then. I’d really like to see that goof Eli, wipe that smirk off of Brady’s mug!

As you can obviously tell I’m not a Pats or Giants fan or should I say an Eli or Tom fan. In fact two seasons ago Brady was one of my two quarterbacks on my fantasy football team. I started him only once when Big Ben was on a bye week, then traded him for Mark Sanchez. This season I had Eli who sat on my bench behind Vick. I later traded him for Tebow. Both seasons I made the playoffs without either of them. Today I’m just looking for a good game. Well, game time is rapidly approaching and our guest will be arriving soon. So eat up, drink up and enjoy the game!  May the best of the loser QB’s led their team to victory!

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