"Winning Isn't Everything

Winning is Everything! The ultimate high! The thrill of victory, the excruciating agony of defeat. Win! Win! Win! It’s driven into our heads from childhood as if our only purpose in life is to be victorious! Stomp heads, kick ass, lie cheat or steal if you must, whatever it takes, but by God don’t go out a loser.

The age old adage “Winning isn’t everything, it’s how you play the game that counts,” has been  scrutenized, criticized and revised to it’s modern day counter part, “Winning isn’t everything, It’s the only thing!”  Nobody likes a loser.

This win at all cost attitude is becoming quite the norm. Apparently there is no honor in losing. I came across  a tee ball baseball game last spring at our local park in which 3 year olds, yes that’s right, 3 year olds were the participants. Most of the kids were clueless as to what they were supposed to be doing. They were running around aimlessly. My favorite moment was when one child actually hit the ball off the tee and ran towards third base instead of first. Once there, he jumped on the third baseman, and knocked him to the ground. Seeing this the other players came running and joined in an old fashion dog pile. It was hilarious!

Unfortunately some of the dad’s that were present didn’t find it amusing. They pulled their kids from the pile and gave them a stern scolding, even though they were just doing what little kids do, having fun. I couldn’t help but overhear one dad shouting angrily at his son, “How can you ever expect to be a winner if you keep pulling crap like that.” Come on Dad, he’s a 3 year old kid, he’s supposed to be pulling crap like that. What did you expect? Winning to him is finding a penny or getting his favorite dessert, not beating the pants off of an opponent! To that dad I say ” How can you expect your son to grow up to be successful if you keep pulling crap like that!”

Let me tell you there is honor in losing my friends. With every loss a lesson is learned, a bit of wisdom is earned. Learning how to handle the agony of defeat is essential. Learning to hold your head up high because you know that you have given your all is a must. Winning and losing isn’t just about sports, it’s about life, and a healthy attiude about competition will get you a lot farther than a mark in the win column.

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