"Your Another Year Old Today"

Celebrated my oldest sons 34th birthday this weekend. We met him out at Dave and Buster’s where we played some games and had a few beers. Great fun!  It’s hard to believe he’s that old already. Time sure flies doesn’t it? It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was speeding down the 10 freeway to Kaiser Fontana, my laboring wife at my side, off to have our second child. I’ll never forget standing next to my wife in the labor room trying to decide our new babies name. We had at least three names that we liked and had to choose one. Of course I couldn’t tell what those names were, it’s been so long, but they were girl names as we had been told we were having a second daughter.

Of course this was long before all the fancy imaging procedures they have today like the 3D ultrasound, besides we were old school and wanted to be surprised. But our doctor had told us early on that he believed we were having a girl, making his determination from the baby’s heart-rate, how my wife was carrying the baby and some other medical reasoning. And like good little sheep we believed him and never really gave a thought to the possibility of having a boy.

So we were trying to decide on a name through bouts of labor when an older nurse came in to check on my wife. After checking her out she turned to us and asked us what we would be naming our son.  I remember being surprised and telling her that the doctors had said otherwise, and mentioning the hear-rate and such. She just smiled and said “He may have told you that, but I’ve been a nurse for over twenty years and I’m telling you, you’re definitely having a little boy!” With that she left the room. We sort of laughed off what she had said relying more on the doctors expertise, still once we settled on a girls name we discussed boy names, you know, just in case.

A few hours later we were in the delivery room. I was standing near the head of the bed by my wife and the doctor and nurses were at the foot of the bed taking care of business. A few minutes later the doctor looked up at us and said in a surprised sounding voice, ” well you have a boy!” I kind of laughed and told him to quit kidding around. He then held the baby up so that we could see him. He clearly had a penis! “You have a boy,” the doctor said again, “a beautiful healthy baby boy!” And so began the life of our second child, little John Michael. Wow!  I can hardly believe that was 34 years ago. It just doesn’t seem like that long.

I spent the rest of the day at the hospital with my wife and son. Later that night I went to Hollywood with my friend Paul to see the premiere of ‘Animal House.’ Yes I know I probably shouldn’t have gone with my wife and child still in the hospital, but it was ‘Animal House’ with John Belushi for Christsakes!  How could I pass that up? In retrospect I guess I shouldn’t have gone, but hey back in the day I was  a bit impetuous, and maybe just a wee bit self-centered. Okay, maybe a little more than a wee bit. But I was only 27 years young then, and I have to say the movie and the experience of a midnight premiere was awesome!

The  movie itself was wild and crazy, daring and bold. The characters were fun loving, beer drinking hooligans who challenged authority at every turn. Rebels. My new born son must have been with me in spirit that night for he developed into my one wild and crazy child, daring and bold. Yeah he was quite a handful! My little rebel! Yeah we had more than our share of head-butting moments. I think he’s the reason my hair went grey!  Just kidding! There are some who say that he was just like me as a kid, particularly the teen years. I suppose there might be some truth to that, but just a little. What I do know is, there is definitely something to be said about karma.

Hope you had a great B-Day son!

Love Ya,


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